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WHat We Know

Close your eyes. Write from a place of knowing.  I answer, but I don’t want to write about what I know today. Recovering from a broken shoulder: scapular stabilization, abduction, retractions, mobilization. And what about the right hip: bone on bone, bone spurs, surgery in May. What happened to immersion in poetry, writing and reading? Quickly I order Jane Hirshfields’s new books: The Beauty and Ten Poems: How Great Poems Transformthe World. I need transformation. Next day delivery. I resist the download. And just now, an email rejection from Boulevard. Good luck placing this with anothermagazineThis? What? 5 poems for Boulevard ? Okay. In a minute I will open the document, read the poems word by word and revise. Let them sit and then send them out again. This is what I know: write, revise, wait, wait, wait, and send.

I don’t want to reread Jane Kenyon’s 

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