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The spiral is at the center of my heart. This logo was designed by Una Toibin. Una Toibin . She is most noted for her paintings regarding and in reflection of The Grateful Dead. She graces me with her designs: logos, book markers, business & personal cards, posters for reading series & readings.

I’ve made spirals on the beach. I’ve walked labyrinths in most cities I visit. During this shelter at home I made a 4 cycle labyrinth in the front yard. As the grass grows along the outline it becomes more pronounced. I’m sure the neighbors across our busy street wonder why I am walking in circles. I believe in the circle. Yesterday I read “Time is a circle” in Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The moon, the sun. Daily, I’m now walking in circles around the church next door, sometimes for an hour or so. I pass the eagle’s nest, the pines, the eagle high on his perch. My book of poems, Reservoir documents this sacred daily circling. Circle Walking as meditation, as prayer, as poem connecting with the ever present Divine.

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