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What is one major personal sacrifice you are willing to make this year in the service of the greater good? Scott Barry Kaufman

Early Sunday morning. Pink sunrise now fading to blue.The leaves have finally dropped making the reservoir in sight once again. The many herons and egrets, the pair of eagles. I’ve fallen behind in answering the call. Today I’ll work back-wards in answering the unanswered questions and see if I can perhaps catch up with myself.

Sacrifice. What do I have to give but Time? How can I give Time in service of the greater good? Is giving the same as sacrifice? Writing time, Prayer time, Family time. Time resisting. Reading time. Shared silence. Chanting. Time walking. Letter writing Time. Food Panty Time. Risking personal safety to help others. Taking an unpopular stand. Giving voice to protecting the earth, Peace. Pro Bono Time and Money. Meditation time. Reading Poetry aloud time. Are these true sacrifices? Is anything I do that takes me away from my desk, a sacrifice? In giving, one receives. So where and what is sacrifice?

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