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Power for Good, Quest2017

In your work life, your personal life, and in your community, how will you use power as a force for good, and empower those around you in specific acts that make up your day? #PowerforGood

This morning I am writing in bed and the dog is confused. He is used to me writing in my study. He keeps bringing his toys, asking me to play. This very moment he jumped on the bed beside me and is looking directly toward me, watching my every move. He likes routine with no variation. Sunday mornings, breakfast, then my husband leaves for work and I usually follow. This morning I am lingering behind to reflect on questions presented. I need a moment, a breath. The view from where I am writing is all woods and water, unlike my study where there is no view. Today I need to look outward after spending most of the week feeling distant from the natural world, especially after leaving Northern California where the bay and redwoods are near and in sight. I vow to expand my time out-of-doors even with challenges presented daily. Hence, my change in writing location. The dog, still eyes open, settling down.

Personal power is not something I feel everyday. What is my power? Where is the power? Do I have power? Can I generate a sense of power, real power?  I believe that most of my life I deferred power to others, unconsciously. I felt powerless. I did what I could and in many ways slowly, ever so slowing, gained momentum in the direction of fulfilling my youthful dreams. This has led me to a knowing and sometimes experiencing my personal power. I rarely claim it. What would it feel like in my body to experience the knowing everyday. My expectations for myself would be different, my confidence enhanced. Assertions. Revelations. Even as I write the words, I sit straighter. Shoulders back, heart open. Doesn’t an open heart lead to a felt sense of power? Open hearted to oneself and others?  And with open heartedness one can empower others. I believe it is that simple. Lead with the heart.

The dog has now turned his head. He has taken over the space in the bed that my husband usually occupies. He has fallen asleep. Given up on playtime. Settled in to a different Sunday morning. And a great blue heron just flew by the window close enough to glimpse the fish he held. Power at hand. Exchange of energy, with open heart.

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