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Coming to Stillness

This week I prepared for a new offering. The class was schudeled for 6:00pm. I spent all day in preparation: reading texts, conducting research, thinking about the difference between energy body and physical body, how to move one then the other.  I felt in the flow reading and planning. Gary Snyder’s essay, “Just One Breathe” written in 1991, The Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche on my desk. Only three people had signed up but enough for me to move forward. On the drive to the studio one person cancelled. After arriving at the office I placed my mat and cushion in place, opened my notebook, lit the candle, and waited. No one came.  Silence. Stilness. I asked myself the questions I ask others in Yoga NIdra: What is my heart’s desire? What led you to this moment?  Creating, building, making, writing. Writing. I did not write anything except an outline and quotes to be read during the class. How does this fit into my writing life?  Dissapointed, I blew out the candle. Packed my notebook and books and returned home. The following morning I moved slowly to my desk and wrote a new poem.

Radiance Stura #3 Enter these turning points,/ Where the rhythms of life transform/ Into each other. Breath flows in, filling filling,/ In this moment, drink eternity./ Breathe flows out, emptying, emptying,/ Offering itself to infinity. / Cherish these moments, / Mind dissolves into heart,/ Heart dissolves into space, / Body Becomes a vibrating field,/ Pulsating between fullness and emptiness.

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