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A life transported by unforeseen emergency

After 13 months of severe isolation, I was summoned from the East coast to The West coast

to help care my dear daughter who had a skateboarding accident which required surgery.

So I found myself walking through airports, boarding planes, sitting next to strangers, renting a car and driving down the freeway across the mountains to the ocean. Radical because during the pandemic i saw no relatives and did not even go to the grocery. The fact that I had both vaccines made the trip even a possibility…

Because of following CDC guidelines, today, after 3 days, I will test for Covid, wait for the results and then proceed to be in the presence of my loved ones after 14 months. There are tears upon tears, blessings upon blessings.

We already know these times are strange: quarantine upon arrival, no family member present for surgery, the kind surgeon calling my daughter’s wife on his way home at 9:15pm,

our pre-op visit by zoom with her brother on the phone at the same time. And because my work is all remote now, I can continue to help the people I am helping, uninterrupted.

So my first day I found the ocean, a coffee shop and bakery, Companion and a grocery, New Leaf with delicious prepared food. My other family members within driving distance, back over the mountains, over the Golden Gate to another town. This is the corridor of my joy.

This is the beginning of Day 4.

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