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A Free Moment or A Freeing Moment

At this very moment I am prepared for the workday: Preparations for my university class, preparations for Yoga Nidra Meditation tonight, poems selected. New dress ordered. Dog walked and kitchen cleaned.

The calendar for the remainder of April is full: Holy week, Poetry readings, tests to grade.

Left undone are the numerous notes I have written to myself about poetry submissions and my notebook open, waiting for new words to perhaps form a poem,  A pile of books to read.

I am alone in the house. At the gathering table. A cloudy day. The dogwood leaves are small and green. Azalea buds, a hint of white and pink.  Leaves from fall, not racked. Tea, cooling. I feel deeply the divide, the divisiveness circling my world, our world. I continue to embrace my intention to radiate and receive love in all directions.

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