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Writing Day

I glanced at the clock. Oh my god, it’s 3:00pm. What have I actually accomplished today, a writing day?

I went to yoga class where the topic this week is trust. I noticed that my child’s pose is deeper and I can actually grab my feet in happy baby pose. A few doors down from the yoga studio is Full Circle Studio where I see clients and lead Yoga Nidra classes. My partner cannot figure out how to change the system from “Cool” to “Heat.” She asks me to stop by. There are only four buttons. We worked with it for ten minutes to no avail. I said, “We changed it last spring. It’s a matter of figuring out the sequence on the set buttons.” I left thinking the current temperature will have remain. We’ll figure it out when it get’s colder. I’m picking up salads for lunch when my daughter calls from San Francisco as she is boarding the bart on her commute to work.  We speak about a book we both are reading and the fact she is having lunch with her brother tomorrow. I flash on the last time we all ate there together. Meanwhile, I arrive back at my desk, opening email. I see that the publisher of my book due out in May has sent me some  work to attend to. I open the files, study the instructions. Not quite confused but puzzled,  I suspend that task for later. At that moment my husband walks in the door for lunch.  We eat the Cobb salads, catch up on the morning. Even in the short span of time since we parted, I can’t remember what I have already told him earlier in the morning. Before he leaves, I give him instructions for dinner I prepared last night as it is unlikely I will be home from a doctor’s appointment by the time he has to eat before a meeting. He leaves. Alone in the house again, I approached my desk with a seriousness of purpose. I stared into space for a few minutes before remembering I needed to order a new dog bed. Then thought, but this is my writing day. Then I decided I needed a piece of dark chocolate so headed to the kitchen to find the chocolate bar from last week. When I returned I noticed (in despair) the time: 3:00pm. I have less than one hour. So I decided to write on this blog. But I had to search for the correct password. I typed “wordpress” and remembered the last time I opened this blog my computer froze and was invaded by a scam occupation. But still  I pressed return and decide to salvage the day by writing a few words.

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