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Emily Dickinson Is Always Helping

I dwell in Possibility… The spreading wide my narrow Hands To gather Paradise Emily Dickinson

When I look back over important decisions made in the last 15 years, I realize most of these decisions were driven by the heart. There comes a point in your life when you know you must save yourself. Step by step into the unknown, following the heart’s deepest desires.

One of the consequences of a writing life is discovery. I write myself into existence. Possibilities are not always obvious. Can I say really say, Yes… yes to myself? What is possible? I discovered over time that a great deal is possible even when the path is not obvious and perhaps hidden and dark.

Yesterday reading The spreading wide my narrow Hands/ To gather Paradise entered my body like a lightening bolt, like a buoy at sea, like a moon beam. I wrote the words in my journal, on a blank card, on the white board in the kitchen. Yes, I dwell in possibility and I am spreading my narrow Hands to gather Paradise. A pull toward the Divine, a deep listening, perhaps openness to receive.

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